Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

I don’t normally do smoothie bowls, it’s all just smoothies (drink form) for me! I didn’t know what all the rave was about smoothie bowls until I made one. OMG, they are like the best things ever!

I eat them very often and I love them especially when there are topped with my homemade maple-cinnamon granola! What I love about smoothie bowls is that you can use anything as toppings. My personal favourite are always fresh berries, seeds, nut butters, and granola!

One of the most important things about eating breakfast is getting protein, this can prove to be very difficult for smoothie bowls and smoothies in general. There is always a problem about finding a vegan protein powder, finding a good tasting protein powder, good combinations of flavours, or adding seeds while still getting the required texture. The good thing about smoothie bowls is you can add protein powder to the actuall smoothie or you can add it on top!

Down below is the recipe to by Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl! But if you want another post on my favourite toppings, protein powders, and combinations feel free to leave a comment!


Berry Blast Smoothie Bowl

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